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Dogs with big ears that stand up / dog with long ears

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Is there anything beautiful other than a puppy with satellite dish ears? While we can’t help but say “ah” to every dog, there’s something about big-eared dogs that immediately shocks us. Whether they’re subtle or floppy, large ears melt our hearts with each head tilt — and that’s right, about everything else.

Being domesticated long ago, some species are considered to have ears larger than life to help them perform certain tasks (such as work, animal husbandry, sports, etc.). Meanwhile, others were born to have large ears based solely on appearance.

Here’s what we know for sure: These dogs are as beautiful as bug ears. From pint-sized puppies to tender giants, we’re collecting some of the most valuable big-eared dogs you’re bound to love. big eared dogs

10 Big Eared Dogs With the Hearts To Match

1. Bloodhound

The bloodhounds’ ears hang down and hang around! Their beautiful, hanging ears—with their impeccable noses and wrinkled skin—sharpen the smell and make them the best tracker around them. A bloodhound is most happy when he gets to explore and use his nose. This makes long walks and day hikes the perfect recreation. Bloodhounds love their people and are gentle giants, each mated to a two-legged and four-legged creature.

2. French Bulldog

Who can prevent this adorable ear? French bulldogs are instantly recognizable for their delicate ears and squishy faces. This small, stocky lover is easygoing, stupid, and intelligent. She’d love to join you on the couch for movie marathons (and naps—lots and plenty of sleep!) or go out for a walk. A great companion dog for many types of owners, the French Bulldog is a charming dog with a loving soul.

3. Papillon

He is beauty and he is compassion. She’s got the prettiest, biggest ear to frame her little face! Meet Papillon. Her big ear feathered hair is like a butterfly, as her French name explains which is “butterfly”. This pint-sized puppy is smart, comedic, and oh-so elegant. It’s no surprise that he was beloved by royals for nearly 600 years.

4. Bracco Italiano

Bracco Italiano’s ears? That’s love! Bracchi Italiani have a distinct look with their floppy ears, hanging jaws and wise eyes. Social and noble, these sports dogs are dedicated to their work and family. Bracco Italiano is a quiet dog that exercises a lot of exercise and mental stimulation—ideally, makes good use of its hunting instincts.

5. Afghan Hound

Everything about the Afghan hunter exemplifies elegance, from his silky, delicious coat to his long, hanging ears. Intelligent and independent, Afghan hounds have strange personalities that are comparable to a cat. But don’t let some of his isolation deceive you — he nurtures and connects with his people. Although Afghan hounds have great indoor companions, they will love to go for a walk, jogging or hike.

6. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Those who completely perked ears. Short, stuffy legs. Big, fluffy ass. You guessed it. It’s the one and only corgi! Corgis is a small dog with a big personality. These puppies are super smart, social, and naïve. They enjoy hanging out with their people just as much as they enjoy playing with their toys. No matter how you spend time with Corgis, they’ll bring a smile to your face that’s as big as they are.

7. German Shepherd

German shepherds always feel like they’re listening to every word you say for their big, shaggy ears and alert, brown eyes. Perfect for experienced dog owners, a big, beloved breed and known for their kind and courageous personality, it’s easy to see why german shepherds have a lot of energy in this dog breed known as one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States and they’ll just have fun. About any physical activity. Say hello to your new workout buddy.

8. Cocker Spaniel

The good-natured cocker spaniel has ears as big as his heart. Her ears are so floppy and beautiful, covered in curly hair. He looks as friendly as he looks! Affectionate and eager to please, cocker spaniels meet anyone and everyone (especially kids), making them amazing family pets.

9. Basset Hound

Well, those tall, velvet ears and puppy dog’s eyes have officially broken the beauty scale. Bassett Hound’s motto may also be, “Grow up or go home.” (Except, of course, his short, adorable legs.) These pooches are easygoing, loyal and charming and like to keep company, whether it’s you or hairy friends. They’ll be happy to go for a walk every day to sniff and investigate, then catch some z when they get home.

10. Dachshund

This list wouldn’t be complete without dashing dashing dashes! His big ears are just as notable as his ET-BT legs and sausage-shaped body. Clever, chatty, and daring, these spunky puppies have big personalities like ears. Dachshunds are an adapted breed that work well in almost any home. Because of their size, they don’t need much exercise. However, since they have a tendency to gain unwanted weight, they are advised to go out for a short, daily walk.


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