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Top 10 Most Beautiful Parrots In The World

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There are 350 different species of cotton in the world. Many of the kapau species kept in captivity will be very colorful, intelligent and fickle. Amazon, African Group, Kakatu and Parakit species also have a lot of communication skills. Here is a list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Parrots In The World. Red winged parrot

1. Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Rice crusted cockatoo is a large smoky species. It’s a well-known chalafa for the haldheya coloured sikhs. He lives in Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia. The length of this species is 17-25 inches and the pulse is in the color of the baga. The dark brown color of the crushed cockatoo of Chalpha is notable.

It’s almost the same as the meat and the mike. The main difference between them is the color of the skin, the color of the goat is brown and the color of the mata charis is dark brown. There are also different types of assertions on it. 28 parrot

The crushed cockatoo of the chalpha is decorated with a boil. This iconic copu species lives on for 70 years. Rice’s crusted cockatoo parials also remain together for many years. The prime minister eats jamu, smallpox, nuts and shipa.

2. Bronze Winged Parrot

A copu with a bronze bird is an unusual species of medieval form native to southern America. Its stems have dark er or blue colours and deucate bronze spots. This species of bird has a frog and a pink neck. On top of that, too, it’s a sweet, quiet and dusty one.

The birds of the bronze are intelligent and playful. It can be replicated with proper training. He lived in the cave when he came to the wild. The breeding of the tiger bird begins in the month of June after the year’s breeding. In the mickey teatow, three or four canes are incubated and for 36 days.

3. Dusky Lory

One of the most active and playful dusky lovers in the world is Kapo. Intelligent dusky lovers also imitate Manuh’s words very well. It’s good to play with toys and people exchange views. Dusky’s liver originated in Papua New Guinea and is also known as boga-ramped lorry.

The dusky lights have a length of up to 9.5 inches and weigh between 9.5-10.5 ounces. The look of mata and myki leather is bright orange color and the upper part of its chest is bright orange color, lips are cream color, grey and lips are dark orange color. It lives in the tropical and subtropical forests of Papua New Guinea. Dusky Lori’s diet contains fruits, nectar and seeds.

4. Galah

The washed throat is identified with a pink chest and mouth. Galaah is also used as rose chest and Galah is also called kakatu. It was found in almost all the regions of Australia. The Galah Kapau is also a very social species, which can be found in a large variety.

The length of the throat is up to 14 inches and weighs 270-350 grams. The upper part of it and the small ones are gray in color. Motia and Mikey skins look almost identical, although the skins of mata charis are dark brown and the mikey skins are pink.

There are up to 1000 in the large jackal of Galah Kapur. Almost shows the arctic heat in the sky. Galah jake travels to many places in search of food.

5. Blue And Yellow Macaw

Neela and Haldhea Mekau are the largest and Dhunia copou species native to south America. Andr lives in habi and water bodies. The upper part of it is blue and the lower part is haladi. Attractive colours and the ability to speak make blue and haldhiya mekako almost as a popular bird.

The people of this species are very social and intelligent. He likes to exchange views with people and easily learn different strategies from the owner.

6. African Grey

African grey is the most intelligent thing in the world. It is better to say something in African gray color in the bond with the owner. The name implies that African grey is native to The Congo of Africa and is grey in color. The length of its deuca is 52 km from 46 km. It looks like a male and mikey African grey color.

7. Sun Parakeet

Chan Peracit is a native indigenous species of South America and a native copou species. Haldheya, red, orange, blue and seujia colors can be seen in the like stalks of this. The skin of the skin packet also has a floral and deucate ceuzia mark on the skin. He is also known for the resonance of Manuhar’s voice.

It’s not like a grown-up girl, it’s olive sausage. After the age of 6 months, there are many bright colors mixed. He eats jamu, fruits, nuts and flowers from up to 30 o’clock.

8. Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth macaw is the largest flying parrot species in the world with a length of 40 inches. It is an endangered parrot species and the surviving members are mainly found in Southern Brazil. They have bright blue plumage and large beak. The intelligent hyacinthine macaws are also known for using tools with the help of their large toes.

9. Eclectus

Eclectus is an attractive species native to Papua New Guinea. Mata kapur dal displays bright sewage and micki leather with bright colours and penguins. This sexual dichotomy of the color of the pulse also makes the eclectus as an unusual species.

Another notable change between the two genders is the color of the lips. The upper part of the lips of the electus is orange and the tip is yellow. The lips are painted in the case of mikey charai.

Eclectus is also one of the best birds in the world. Very quiet social media.

The eclectus shows its communication skills in a completely reasonable manner than that of other species. Expressing excitement and anxiety, the eclectus copu takes over the bird of the idol. The life expectancy of this too is up to 30 years.

10. Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet mekau is one of the world’s most smoky and dangy species. It lives in the vast majority of central and southern America. The scarlet macaubo is known for attractive pulses. The rest of his body is brightly colored, the back is also blue, the deukat haldheya chin above and the yellow leaf is blue. T

Cut the upper part of the red-colored macau and the lower part. endangered parrots

Some of these intelligent species have shown excellence in the imitation of words and voices.

He is also reminded to teach various techniques from the owner for proper training. Anki can recognize different shapes and colors. The lifespan of red-colored macau is also long, 40-50 years.


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